Invitation to exceptional spiritual healing

Tune yourself in for getting revitalised at BIOVID TV daily from 20:00 CET for the whole duration of this exceptional situation until further notice.

The risk of infection greatly depends on our immunity, but also on the vitality of our body. Via this healing – blessing, the healer is transmitting this revitalisation, therefore it is very important that the connection of both sides would be the best possible. In this moment therefore do not think of anything external, not even of your diseases, but instead, in your imagination try to make your essence, your „I am“ merge with the healer. A thought of God can also take its place here. This is being done as a spiritual service within the scope of the Society of Josef Zezulka.

If I may, I would like to ask you a favour. Please inform your friends and acquaintances about this opportunity so that it could help as many of those in need as possible.  Thank you, Tomáš Pfeiffer

Petition in support of Ayurveda

The petition intended to be presented to the European Parliament which demands one million of signatures has been launched. As Ayurveda forms a part of our disciplines of CAM, may I ask you on behalf of the Spiritual University Bytí to consider adding your signature to this petition. It is in our common interest to develop all holistic methods as well as evidence based methods (EBM) for the benefit of all of us. Our friends from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Indian Traditional Sciences of the UK Parliament asked me to support this petition, which I do with great pleasure.
Tomáš Pfeiffer


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For the present, the publication is the most extensive source of verified information on alternative and complementary medicine (CAM), being remarkably successful in the international arena. It is an important aid for discussions with the professional community in this area. It can also make a significant contribution to negotiations with national healthcare regulators. Last but not least, it also provides the general public with essential verified information on the potential benefits of CAM for human health.

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Professional chamber Sanator

Znak Bytí

Josef Zezulka
Josef Zezulka – founder of the discipline of biotronics
(30. 3. 1912 – 13. 12. 1992)

A significant philosopher and healer. He lived and worked in Prague. He is the author of the life philosophy Bytí (Existence) and founder of the new healing discipline – biotronics. Researchers from the then Czechoslovakia, but also from the US and the former Soviet Union manifested their interest in his treatment method. Initiated official reasearch was prematurely terminated due to the disfavour of the then political regime. He selflessly practiced healing for more than 40 years.

Tomáš Pfeiffer
Representative, Sanator Tomáš Pfeiffer
(*30. 8. 1953)

A Czech philosopher, healer, biotronicist, disciple and entrusted successor of Josef Zezulka. He is the representative of the professional chamber Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka, which associates biotronicists working in accordance with the principles of Josef Zezulka Biotronics. He endeavours to create conditions for the development and research into Josef Zezulka Biotronics and he is an active promoter of the discipline.