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If we are able to realise numerous things, then we will learn that our meaning of life is to achieve the balance, which is part of the Podstata, the basis and the aim of life and the static existence of the Podstata. Let us take notice of the fact that the journey of everything, thus also man, be of whatever form, has always been moving towards this balance. All basic philosophical-religious doctrines undistorted by the passage of time have moved towards it. All the great people who knew the truth, always asked in their own way for man to change himself for the better because he had deflected towards the negative pole and only this change could bring him back to the balanced state. This rule is, was, and always will be valid on spiritual journeys.

When I began speaking to those who were searching, I would firstly always try to explain the progression of genesis from the Podstata by means of division, leading to everything which exists within the Creative Work. Comprehension of rightfulness has been always in the first place. This has always been given as the basis for replenishing and balancing any pole, always and everywhere. We must realise that everything arose from the balance and if we are to return, our “I am“ as a spiritual (psychic – mental) formation has to be in balance again. Let’s first put into the balance our „I believe and I know“ and under this influence continue with other issues.

These are the words of man whose ability to understand must be human. No incarnated man has ever achieved more than human comprehension. Although the man who knows and comprehends has the possibility to understand maximally and without distortion, his understanding is relative, albeit great. Therefore, what you have been presented with, is merely the words of a man who is aware of his triviality. Take them this way.

Everything is relative. Therefore, understanding of the meaning of life is relative as well. Each of us is at a different point on our evolutionary journey. Each of us can comprehend to a different extent. Today less, next time more, and when we become beings who are on a higher evolutionary level than humans in our future lives, then we will understand in greater depth.

If we summarise all which has been said and put it into other words, the meaning of life of everything that exists is the manifestation and employment of the eternal Existence itself.

In the autumn 1972
Josef Zezulka

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