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from Josef Zezulka’s perspective

A question:

In the treatise on the vital force, there was a diagram in which the vital force was placed between the matter and the spirit. Its middle sector with the inclination towards the matter or the spirit shows the man’s qualities. It was said that its middle position signifies the possibility of the healing ability provided the sector is wide enough. What exactly is “the healing ability“ and who has it?

The area of the healing ability.

The area of the healing ability.


The vital force has different levels of quality in people – low, high or very high. In the diagram shown in the lecture about the vital force, this vitality is symbolised by the middle sector in the area that represents the vital force. A strongly vital man’s middle sector is wide, thus the level of his vital force is higher. This does not mean, however, that he has the ability to pass on his vital force, and thus help the ill by healing.

Every being, whether it is an animal or a plant, has its allocation of the life force (bioenergy). At present, man is the evolutionarily highest and the most complex animal of all. As his inner being perfected itself through gradual development, organised itself selectively, and as his mental (in other words psychic or spiritual) component evolved to the human level, simultaneously, his matter (his body in its shape and function) and his vital (force) component was refined.

As I have said, man’s vital force can be stronger or weaker, of a higher or lower quality, more or less material or spiritual, more or less balanced or chaotic in its structure. The variety is great and the vital state of every human is very individual. However, there is always a certain, constantly slightly fluctuating, in its basis quite stable, allocation of the vital force that completes man’s overall set of dispositions. It is meant for his own life. Its permanent and ceaseless radiation to its surroundings which has been already measured and photographed is merely a part of its manifestation, a kind of an echo of both of the other human components.

Its capacity in the body can be increased by a conscious intake from the universe or the surrounding nature. A classic example is some kinds of yogic exercise. The quality and the spectral position (according to the given diagram) are determined for healers by the achieved quality and developmental level of each particular being.

Exercises for strengthening one’s own vital force can be learnt. Various exercises, such as some features of Indian yoga, but also others, originating from other cultures are used for this purpose. Novices who are learning such exercises have to know that they are strengthening their own bodily force system and that they may only receive the amount which they really need. Metaphorically speaking, man is a container of a particular volume and he can only replenish the amount of force which the container can hold. The absorbed force replenishes his own vital allocation and must not be consciously and voluntarily passed on to other people, which magnetisers, healers and some other persons performing a ceremony normally do.

Some people can quickly gather more or less overall force from the universe or nature with a particular aim and generate it immediately or pass it on to somebody else. These people used to be, and still are, so called ceremony performers in various spiritual cults.

The force, which they pass on, does not stream from their own fund. In this case, their own force is useful merely during the activity of passing the force on as it is during other activity in life. They tune the received and transmitted force passively according to their personal quality and composition, and thus form, or are, a kind of energetic filter. They then participate actively using their mental and own vital component in the transmission of the force.

This is only a one-off gathering of the cosmic or natural force and its immediate one–off transmission. It is as if we filled a glass with water from the sea and poured it over somebody the next moment. Glasses may differ and we can fill the glass with and pour out as much water as the size of the glass allows. Similarly, a ceremony performer can only receive as much force as they really need. In other words: Everybody is (metaphorically speaking) a dish of a different dimension (the physical size being irrelevant), and we can only gather a quantity according to the size of our dish. The size of the figurative dish depends on a person’s level of spiritual maturity and perfection.

The ceremony performers can transmit as much as they have taken in. However, besides the gathered force, the person also needs a part of their own vital allocation in order to pass it on actively. Therefore, they are more or less weakened and feel tired after the voluntary transmission. For this reason an active blessing ceremony can only be repeated every so often.

At the same time, the quality of the transmitted force is not equal to the quality of the accepted (gathered) force because it passes through the ceremony performer and, as I have said, it is tuned by their quality which is given by their traits, habits, mindset and their evolutionary level.

Consequently ceremony performers vary, as do their transmitted forces.


The situation is different when it comes to magnetisers and healers who pass on the vital force to the ill for curative purposes.

The healing ability of magnetisers and healers exists on the grounds that a continuous stream of cosmic aggregate energy passes through a gifted individual and transforms into organic vital force in the healer’s body. In the case of a healing intervention it is activated by the healer’s will. Accomplished and advanced healers continuously radiate a small part of the curative force into their surroundings without their conscious will. As the force is emitted passively, without the healer’s volition, their own bodily allocation is not weakened by this.

Healers have, besides their own bodily force state, an adjoining current which passes through them when healing. This current is tuned by their quality and can be more or less consciously regulated by them. Advanced and accomplished healers form it more or less further, according to the illness which is to be influenced. This all is the current of the healing ability.

Besides the current, a healer uses their own force allocation of the vital force, thus tension of their bodily force system (BFS).

The energy, emitted from this source by the healer, is needed during the act of emanation and it can replenish the curative stream merely partly. This happens only when healers during a necessary large emission voluntarily and consciously exert themselves for a great performance. Otherwise, merely the force for the activity of the performance is drained from their bodily quota.

Therefore during a passive, albeit indeed conscious intervention, which is particular to magnetisers, the healing person is not tired, or at least not too much. However, in the practice of healers, especially when the activity for the control and formation of the force has to be maximized, healers are sometimes utterly exhausted, and run out of their own bodily forces.

An active healer cannot heal beyond the depletion of their own bodily force allocation. After a certain number of treatments (this figure depends on the seriousness of the cases) they have to relax. Sometimes for a short time, other times for longer depending on the extent and number of interventions which they have provided. Without this rest, their own energetic tension would be reduced, they would be weakened or their vegetative nerve system would become vitally unbalanced and the consequences would not be good. It would result in for instance a tension to angina pectoris, a heart attack, the immunity system would be debilitated, a dysfunction of endocrine glands could develop, etc.

If chronically weakened, they would be susceptible to rheumatism, to cancer, in short, to diseases which develop on the grounds of the disorder in the bodily force system (BFS).


However, a larger quantity (tension) of the vital force of a particular man does not make him or her a magnetiser or a healer yet.

Even though for example a greater level of the vital force has been measured among some people (such measuring is already performed in various forms and with various levels of usefulness nowadays), it does not mean that these people can pass on their vital force as healers.

As I have said, everyone can proportionately strengthen their vital state by performing certain exercises. If they consequently think that they are be able to heal, they will harm themselves. They will in fact pass on the forces from their own quota. The exercises can compensate the loss for a limited amount of time, but as vital basis is chronically weakened it breaks down. After that, a disease based on BFS starts developing slowly and often surreptitiously.

However, the situation is quite different with healers. Both magnetisers and healers must have a greater capacity of the vital force than other people.

Let me give an example:

Once there was an opportunity to measure the vital capacity of different people using a special method involving a steal helix. A man who was particularly gifted at this measuring performed the measurement very well. This ability is classified in the category of so called diviners or persons using a sidereal pendulum.

The man performing the measurement was holding a steal helix, about 70 cm long, by both ends. As he moved his hands closer together, he created an omega shape. The arc of the helix hung freely. As he approached the person being tested, the arc started spinning. The level of the vital quota of the tested person was evaluated depending on the number of circuits the arc made. When ordinary people were tested, levels from 1 to 2 were measured. Experienced magnetisers had at least from 2,5 to 4. An elementary healer who had only been magnetising for a few years and had then been trained by a healer was measured to have level 5 already. A very good foreign healer, well-known and respected in his home country who was frequently visited by the ill, was measured to have level 6. One person was found to have level 8, the highest level found among healers.

The people who did not have a healing ability but were strengthening their vitality with exercise were measured to have levels from 2,5 to 4; in one case, the person being tested had been exercising for a long time and had been keeping celibacy and was measured to have level 5. Of course, even this person was not suited to be a healer due to the lack of healing ability. The person’s higher vital capacity was connected to continuous exercise, constant replenishment and it was only useful for his or her own health and for keeping the body fit until old age.

This, and any other measuring methods which contemporary science has at its disposal, can only ascertain the level of quantity of a person’s vital force. However, its quality, which is what matters the most for healers, cannot be tested in such a way.

A person who is discovered to have a healing ability usually starts as a magnetiser. If they have a good teacher, they slowly develop into healers. They increase the quantity of their force by learning, improve the quality, aim for the spectral balance of the force (see the diagram) and learn to form the force current according to the needs. In addition, they have to learn about anatomy, physiology and pathology to a certain extent, and then the special knowledge of a healer which is not always identical to medical science.

As I have stated before, the quality of a healer’s force matters the most. It is even more important than its quantity.

I have said previously that healers are a kind of a filter for the healing force. It passes through them and it is influenced (coloured) by their personal quality.

The healer’s overall quality is the result of the state of the three components a living man consists of: 1) matter – this is the state of the healer’s body, 2) the mental component, 3) the energetic component.

In the material, or bodily, area healers strive for as much natural life as possible. For example, they do not smoke, drink alcohol, are addicted to neither drugs nor medicines, etc.

In the psychic area (in other words in the mental or spiritual area) they gain elevated ideas and transform themselves according to them. They do not make unnecessary claims, and take leave of their selfishness. Money must not be in the first place among their endeavours in life. They do not heal so as to gain property but so as to help the ill within their strength and possibilities. They must never be slaves of possession.

They should contemplate and understand their position in life events. This way they will acquire the right view of other animals and the meaning of life. Therefore, they will cease to ask for other animals’ carcasses to satiate themselves, they will refuse to accept their ancient ancestors’ mistakes and return to the food which their body is built for.

They should improve the quality of their energetic component by taking classes with a good and experienced healer who will provide them with the appropriate guidance once they have gained the philosophical rudiments.

Josef Zezulka during his work – biotronic spiritual healing
Josef Zezulka during his work – biotronic spiritual healing

The exceptional qualities of people are divided into two categories.


In the first category there are the abilities which require as much passivity as possible. People who are gifted with this ability have to relax as much as possible and let themselves be influenced. Clairvoyance, telepathic reception, dowsing, the use of cyderic pendulum, the ability to act as a medium, etc. fall into this group.

In the second category there are abilities which, on the contrary, require action from the person who works with them. For example, psychokinesis, telepathic transmitters, hypnotisers, magnetisers and healers, etc. belong to this group.

These two basic categories are antagonistic. What one category requires is harmful for the other. Therefore, a healer, for example, cannot practise an ability which requires passivity and a clairvoyant cannot be an accomplished healer.

Much more could be said, but I have already replied to the question extensively. Healing is a great doctrine and it has not yet been developed much in the people with this talent. Since healing concerns forces that pass through man, it is deservedly based on a life philosophy, on a deep understanding of life itself, its rightfulness and meaning, on the man’s evolutionary advancement, but mainly on the innate ability of man.

It is my wish that healers will have good teachers, and I especially hope that the instruction and principles, which are often understood incompletely or naively and insufficiently, will be unified.

Josef Zezulka

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