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Josef Zezulka
Josef Zezulka


Dear readers,

I have organised this collection of Josef Zezulka’s treatises which will, among other issues, clarify the work and philosophy of the biotronicist Josef Zezulka for the first time. I hope, as he did, that Josef Zezulka’s biotronics will become a part of healthcare with the aim to help those in need.

Tomáš Pfeiffer                          
Josef Zezulka’s disciple and entrusted follower
Zezulka's Biotronics

ZEZULKA'S BIOTRONICS, organised by Tomáš Pfeiffer
Translated from the Czech original Zezulkova biotronika (ISBN 978-80-85238-73-0) by Markéta Laciková and Carol Turner
Published by © Tomáš Pfeiffer
The address of our publishing house: Dimenze 2+2 Praha, Soukenická 21, 110 00 Praha CZECH REPUBLIC
30th March 2015,, ISBN 978-80-85238-37-2