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AN OPINION OF A HEALER – The report for the conference Monte Carlo 1975





The second most frequent reason of death in our republic is cancer. Its occurrence is increasing; this ominously includes newborns and children. After all, a few decades ago it was not necessary to build specialised children departments for this disease. Together with the increase in number of ill adults it means that this disease has not been conquered in terms of medicine and prevention. Mr Josef Zezulka, the founder of biotronics, has worked out the healing system of this illness and has described its pathogenesis. I am going to inform you of his findings. 

Cancer, or as the ancient ones used to say - The Morbus Prométheí - the illness of Prometheus - is an illness caused by the overuse of fire. Fire produces among other things one of the strongest carcinogens - tar. Of course, many man-made substances are carcinogens, too. 

This illness has two main causes. Firstly, if the ability of detoxification of your body is overburdened in long term by too many carcinogens, it becomes weakened or broken down after a certain time. Then a carcinogen, which is actually a cell poison, reaches a cell and the cell becomes out of the control of the organism and the process of pathological growth starts. Secondly, morphological centres in our brain are weakened as well. These centres are responsible for the shape of our body. They take part in the healing of wounds and are responsible for the emergence of benign neoplasms - that's why the increased number of various moles and protuberances is a sign of the increased risk of the tumour process. 





Do not smoke. Don't eat anything which is smoked (for example smoked meat, salami, ham, smoked cheese) - Anything that is roasted, decoctions of roasted things (for example coffee, roasted rye, cocoa, chocolate). - Anything that is fried. - Anything that is roasted or baked. If it is unavoidable to eat baked food (for example bread), cut off the crust. Use other pastry (for example not well-baked rolls) as little as possible. - Avoid tins containing benzoic acid. - Avoid everything that contains tar (for example ointments). 


Fresh food (for example fruit, vegetables, milk, butter). If the food is cooked in the kitchen, it should be only boiled or stewed. It is important that food to be processed by fire contains water. 

This diet is to be followed strictly since patients are hypersensitive to substances included in the forbidden food. Even a slight breach can jeopardise or make the healing process impossible. 

The diet is suitable for oncology patients and for the prevention of the carcinoma process. 


Today, when the occurrence of carcinogens has increased many times and when they attack us everywhere, it is important to decrease their consumption as much as possible. Therefore it is nonsense to spread the resignation sometimes expressed with following words: "We live in so polluted an environment that it makes no difference what we eat, whether we smoke etc." On the contrary, even the slightest decrease is important. For sure we must breathe, eat and drink and so we accept a certain amount of such substances, but it is possible to decrease the risk of cancer significantly. Tar in all its forms is one of the worst carcinogens. Therefore we should avoid any food that contains it. The worst food of all is smoked goods. Meat, problematic food on its own, is saturated with tar from the smoke used for preservation. It is so poisonous that even bacteria can't eat it. This is the essence of tar preservation. Man does not realise it and in recent decades he has been eating smoked goods even several times a day. But this is not all, unfortunately. Food made by roasting contains tar, too. This includes for example coffee, cocoa, roasted rye: natural seeds are roasted until they begin to become brown and black. Tar is created in them. Then man grinds them and macerates them in liquid, coffee or cocoa, or he uses the powder - for example in chocolate. Children receive in their parents' or grandparents' opinion "the best" - ham or chocolate. The saddest chapter is child cancer. It is absolutely unnecessary. Mothers often create this illness through their unwise behaviour. Why do they smoke, drink coffee and eat smoked goods during pregnancy? Don't they realise that the baby in their womb cannot disconnect from the circulation of his mother and must therefore suffer all her whimsies? Unborn babies are poisoned by alcohol as well as other substances including carcinogens without any protection of the developing organism. It is unjustified and it is criminal and selfish. Adults can choose their lifestyle and must face the consequences. But why should an innocent baby face the consequences of his mother's ignorance? Perhaps the time will come one day when people will treat life in all its forms with a sacred respect and strive for more balance in their attitudes and deeds. Another pollutant causing human cancer is everything that undergoes kitchen preparation by fire without the presence of water: everything that is baked and fried. Thus, this way of cooking should not prevail, or you should at least cut off the blackened surface - i.e. the crust of the bread. 


Another group of carcinogens are the substances used for chemical preservation of food. For example benzoic acid is a strong carcinogen. If added to food, it makes it inedible for microbes. Food does not spoil. But it is another example of inconvertible preservation. We eat the preservative together with the food which is of course undesirable. On the contrary, preservation by drying, freezing, sterilisation or by use of natural substances is harmless. Our food should consist of as many fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. These shouldn't be cooked so they preserve the nutrients - even those still unknown to present science. Cancer is a process which is a consequence of the pathologically changed functions of the organism. Therefore cancer as an illness starts a year or more before first degenerated cell of the tumour appears. If we remove the tumour, we have not healed the cancer; we have just removed its symptom. Besides removing the tumour itself it is necessary to affect the damaged functions of the organism that allowed cancer cell to emerge and multiply in the body, which is very unnatural. That's why the mere removal or healing of a tumour cannot be considered a cancer cure. It's only treatment of the symptoms of the illness. Mr. Zezulka was the first to talk about cancer as a process caused by a bio-energetic insufficiency that leads to the unbalance of certain organ centres. The consequence is for example loss of the defences against carcinogens. They reach a cell instead of being expelled from the body. Here, then, excitation asserts, like for example a chronic pathological process, gastric ulcers or any other place (possibly just mechanically irritated by coarse materials or cells irritated by ionizing radiation and so on.). The irritation itself causes an increased concentration of carcinogen in this place and the tumour emerges here. The mechanism of its further spreading is given by the localisation and aggressiveness of the process. Cancer, just like everything else, has dimensions. There are very aggressive and fast growing as well as slow, smouldering tumours that can last for many years. People have proposed many theories explaining the illness. Once it was thought that the cause was viruses, another time the immune system or the afflicted cell itself and its genetic code was blamed. The logic of Zezulka's description of the role of the carcinogen as well as morphological brain centres, and other pieces of knowledge impossible to state here for their high expertise, is amazing. For many people it is incredible that this man was able to conclusively and repeatedly heal cancer and thus corroborate his views in reality. Perhaps hundreds of people with the diagnosis were treated during his forty-year practice. They were mostly "common people" but also famous ones. Even doctors and professors of medicine were among them.


Tomáš Pfeiffer


Source: BYTÍ Magazine. Prevention. 6/1995 až 14/1996, Tomáš Pfeiffer – Dimenze 2+2 Praha.



AN OPINION OF A HEALER – The report for the conference Monte Carlo 1975

Josef Zezulka – Czechoslovakia, Prague


   Bioenergetic healing is entering healthcare slowly but surely. By bioenergetic healing I mean direct and conscious passing of human vital forces from a competent healer on a patient with the aim to eliminate the illness. I think that this is the oldest branch of healthcare, however, it was forgotten by majority of people in the world and neglected by those who knew it. Nowadays, it is being developed again and its core is being verified by new scientific discoveries.

   It is only medicine which has been helping man in his illnesses officially. It functions through pharmacotherapy developing bodily reactions, or disinfects, removes ill tissues with a knife or disturbs them by destructive radiation, improves deformations, supports healing, etc.

Bioenergetic healing differs from medicine by its core and character. A healer influences the bioenergetic bodily system, supports bodily resistance, equalization of homeostasis by the transfer of their own vital forces.

   There is a possibility resulting from the substantial difference between these two branches of healthcare that in some cases a healer may view a particular illness differently from a doctor. A healer may also have a different attitude to it and may have a different opinion about its character and also different healing experience, of course.

   In my healer’s experience, I gained the knowledge which I consider important. This is the knowledge of curing cancer by a healer. Doctors have not been able to cure the illness as they do not have a suitable medicine yet. Therefore, quite rightly, they focus on saving the patient by removing all the cancer cells or try to destroy them by radiation or in some cases, they slow down living processes in tissues by cytostatics and prolong the patient’s life this way.

On the contrary, a healer can, to a certain extent, which is given by their healing quality and quantity values, create or influence the curative process and work towards the patient’s recovery. Then, they can also observe what interferes with their work. In my 20 year-long healing activities, I have  helped patients with cancer with proportional results, which are connected to various circumstances, for more than 20 years. I learnt soon that the healing of cancer is slowed down or  precluded completely by these:

1) The presence of carcinogenic substances, contained especially in food or inhaled. 

2) The lack of raw, vital food.

   I prescribed a diet from which I eliminated highly dangerous carcinogens and included vital food. Providing the patient kept the diet stringently and no other disturbing factors occurred, the healing results were surprising. What justifies the correctness of this diet is two cases, when a patient was sticking to the diet and was recovering, but before the end of the treatment, he infringed it. Then he experienced a significant deterioration, a reversal in the recovery process – a relapse which was already very difficult to cease. There were enough such cases with always the same result and they clearly showed the correctness of the prescribed diet. This is how I became convinced that cancer of all types is related to THE HYPERSENSITIVITY to carcinogens and the insufficiency of a particular type of vital forces, which prevents from healing by supporting the whole cancerous process. 

   I think that this piece of knowledge can also come in useful in medical interventions and as a necessary recovery factor in precancerous conditions.  This leads me to presenting my piece of knowledge to the scientific public for scientific verification and I hope it will be soon put into practice. 

   I prescribe the diet in all cases of cancer and in all states which might be potentially a precancerous condition. The diet must be followed very strictly and consistently because there is already hypersensitivity and even a small dose may have a destroying effect. Perhaps it is the reason why it is so hard, with just insignificant partial results, to heal bronchogenic and pulmonic cancers because it is impossible to prevent the patient from inhaling carcinogens in the town environment. Cancers attacking tissues have a better prognosis. 

   An ill person with cancer is instructed about the diet immediately during their first visit to my place and they receive the copied sheet of paper so as not to forget these instructions. 


A quote:



   Smoking – avoid all food which has been smoked (e. g. smoked meat, salami, ham, smoked cheese, etc.) – Avoid all roasted food including drinks made from the infusion of roasted food (e.g. coffee, ersatz coffee, chocolate, etc.) – Avoid all baked food. When a kind of food has to be eaten in the baked form (e.g. bread), it is necessary to remove the crust. All other pastry (e.g. rolls) should be eaten as little as possible and it should not be baked too much, it should keep its light colour. – Avoid tins with benzoic acid. – Avoid everything which contains tar (e.g. ointment).


   Raw and especially fresh food (e.g. fruit, vegetables, milk, butter, etc.). If any food is processed in the kitchen, it should be only cooked or steamed. There is a basic rule that the food must contain water when it is being processed by fire.

   This diet must be kept very consistently because the patients, who are supposed to keep it, are already sensitive to the substances which the banned food contains. Even a minor infringement of the diet can endanger or ruin the healing process.


   The medical science knows many more carcinogenic substances. There are plenty of them. These are for example some hormones, carbohydrates, etc. I think that these other ones do not so much slow down or preclude healing to such an extent as those forbidden substances in the diet.  I consider the others to be invoking factors rather than the essential ones which create the base of malignity. Their activity in causing cancer seems to be different.

   The body is able to cope with the prohibited carcinogens until cancer has broken out as the overall bodily process. After the outbreak of the disease they become malignant. However this does not mean that they are not harmful also to a healthy body in other ways. 

   No animal affects its food by fire but man. We definitely cannot say that the human or other animal body is adjusted to this effect. How strong the effect is can be seen from how much fire is able to change any food. If the sole influence of fire during the preparation of food is present, e.g. without water or without the air, tar starts to be produced in food quickly. This happens e.g. during frying, baking, roasting. Food can absorb tar quickly also during smoking, which is actually preservation with tar. Unnatural and therefore unsuitable food is prepared this way for the body. And now, one can only realise how much such food man eats every day at present. 

   Considering the period, when man used fire to prepare his food for the first time, to be the beginning of cancer diseases, has surely the ring of truth. And it was not only the beginning of cancer illnesses. The second component, which my diet is based on, is the insufficiency of vital food. What does the expression mean? 

   Everything which is alive has besides other things also the vital force in a certain intensity and quality (biological or life energy). This ancient piece of knowledge has been proved scientifically by for example the Kirlian’s photograph. 

   A plant, or its part that has just been plucked out or cut off, at first radiates fully in the photo, which means it has a full vital capacity but during a short time its radiation weakens until it disappears. This process differs in time.  The shortest time is for leaves, it is longer for fruit and the longest period with a stable vital capacity lasting for long is for kernels, seeds and roots. It means that a plant has its vital capacity which gradually weakens after the plant has been separated from its essential life source, until it disappears. We know that a life arises from another life on our planet. Only a green plant receives inorganic food, which it lives from. Other evolutionary types receive organic food, which is alive besides.    That means they receive such food which contains the vital force – life energy besides the well-known material substance.

Kirlian photography of Josef Zezulka

Kirlian photography of J.Z.
The difference between the ordinary and strong vital force radiation in a non-healer (left) and healer’s hand (right). Treatment is performed through the means of this radiation.


   For the man’s needs, vegetarian life food is meant, naturally, because man, regardless he wants or does not want to admit it, has been evolutionarily created as a vegetarian – a fructivore. 

   The fact that besides solid, liquid and gaseous food, with the known proteins, vitamins, etc., the body needs to have the vital force in its food, which is necessary for its life demonstration of its bodily matter, starts emerging.  Unless the body has the vital force, it suffers from a deficiency, which is the cause of the overall bodily weakening, decrease in the own bodily, and maybe also, visceral activity and therefore the reduction of the basic resistance to noxious substances in the environment.  

   Let’s make a reflection on our diet. We prevailingly eat stale food, without the vital force, or even preserved. If we can get fruit and vegetables on the market, they were mostly plucked off a long time ago and there is little vital force in them or it misses completely. We only have the full value in root vegetables and fresh kernels – in such parts of plants which enable renewing life and growth after their potential planting. Therefore there are two components in our food which we have to notice in cancer. The first one, which is harmful, this is a carcinogen and the second one which is essential and there is a lack of it. The carcinogenic component can be eliminated quite quickly in cancer provided the patient is disciplined. Although the second component can be intergrated into our diet immediately, it will not always bring us such a fast outcome as needed.  The body is not able to transform the accepted vital forces from food into the bodily forces very quickly, especially not, when a cancerous process has already manifested itself. 

   In this stage, in future, a biotronicist (a sanator), who is able to pass on the vital forces, pass them in an already modified form, how they are needed and make an influence via them during a recovery process, will start working. 

   I developed the biotronic method for help during the cancerous disease, which I have been using since 1955, with a good healing result, which is naturally individual and depends on the circumstances. 

   Besides the standard removing of the disorderly changed plasma and the overall replenishing of the vital force, I make a local influence on the liver. I try to increase its detoxification activity and strengthen it in general. I focus mainly on the part closed to the centre line on the right, next to the sternal bone.  

   In the next phase I make an influence on the morphological centre (my opinion and expression), which I assume in the cerebrum. This is a centre which controls all the physical form of the body as a whole, the one of organs and cells. I do not know in which part of the brain I should search it and I do not know either whether the correlation with the cerebellum works here or not. Therefore I make an influence both on the cerebrum and the cerebellum. I tune the current of forces towards calm and balance. Doing so, I try to eliminate pathological neoplasia and achieve the balance in the morphological orders whose chaos may be caused in afferent and efferent ways. 

   Not sooner do I make an influence on the tumour locally than in the last phase of the healing process. I focus on its cells and tune the current of forces towards calm. I try to penetrate into the organism of cells and eliminate their fire activity. There is never enough calm element. Therefore I like to use warm water as a complement during radiation via hands. I radiate with wet hands. This way I modify the aggregate vital force and intensify its element of calm. Later on I make an influence to dissolve the tumour the same way.  Dissolving of a tumour is not always successful and it differs depending on the particular type of cancer. For this reason it is correct, after the biotronic cure, to pass on the patient to a surgeon for the excision of the tumour. The place of the tumour is the locus minoris resistentiae, where a potential relapse could develop later on. However in the future it will be possible to pass on the patient after the accomplished cure because a planned surgery does not often have to be performed. If a doctor decides for an operation, then the previous healing cure prevents from, or at least decreases, the risk of metastasis. Then it depends on the healer’s ability and the period of time which is available before the surgery. After the performed medical operation, it is necessary to retake this treatment as soon as possible.

   During the post-operation cure, a healer focuses, besides calming the tissue, on the centripetal healing. If it is possible, they will soon use water as a complement again. 

   Moreover, during the following at least 5 years, retake the security cure twice a year. It is necessary to keep the diet strictly during the whole period and preferably follow it forever. Man can do without the prohibited foods quite easily and the recommended ones are beneficial for him in general, so it does not have to be a problem. 

   I believe that in the future the above-indicated procedure will be self-evident part of healthcare, however at present this is not possible yet.


Josef Zezulka

(from the book ZEZULKA’S BIOTRONICS – collected by Tomáš Pfeiffer, Dimenze 2+2 Praha, 2015)