Josef Zezulka Biotronics

Zezulka's Biotronics
Published book
Zezulka's Biotronics
Published book


The discipline of Biotronics was established and structured by the eminent Czech philosopher and healer Josef Zezulka (30. 3. 1912 – 13. 12. 1992) after the year 1945. 

Biotronics is an independent branch that treats mainly diseases caused by bioenergetic insufficiency, i.e. works in the area of biological – vital forces.


Vital forces

The vital force is an energetic manifestation of every living (organic) matter and is a counter pole to the manifestation of inorganic matter. The vital force is much more complex than the inorganic one. The difference between them is just as between the iron pipe and the human arm. Both contain the same atoms (e.g. Fe, Ca, etc.), but these atoms are structured (organized) in a different way.


Bioenergetic insufficiency 

Biotronics distinguishes diseases according to the disease origin into physical, psychic and energetic diseases. A disease is often caused by a combination of multiple factors, and as such it is necessary for the respective disciplines to cooperate, bringing the utmost benefit for the patient. The disorder may occur at the cellular, organ and whole-body level. The greater the cause of the disease lying in bioenergetic insufficiency, the better results Biotronics reaches in contrast to other disciplines (e.g. in oncological diseases, sclerosis multiplex, and others). Homeostasis  -  the natural state – naturally regulates all functions needed by the organism also in the area of biological forces. If the homeostasis fails, the condition based on bioenergetic deficiency emerges. 


Biotronic treatment

Biotronic treatment has no side effects, treats the whole organism, organ or a group of cells comprehensively. The healer (biotronicist) is called the sanator. The treatment is contactless in a form of biotronic healing, i.e. vital forces are used to reinforce ill-conditioned locations. The sanator always works selflessly. The sanator works solely in accordance with the rules and principles of Biotronics, as established and structured by Josef Zezulka. Each biotronicist – sanator has to be appointed to practice by the professional chamber Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka, which guarantees their professional standard.


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